Current Members:
Steve Lawrence - Vocals, Guitar
Doug Bright - Vocals, Guitar
Ken Webb - Bass, Vocals
Keith Klein - Drums

Sound Engineer/FOH - Kevin Klein
Lighting - Keith Klein, KBK Lighting

Founded by Drummer Kent Klein and Lead Vocalist Steve Lawrence, Hostage’s array of members have included five drummers, two lead singers, six bass players and nine guitarists. They sometimes performed under different names, such as Harbor, Gangbuster, Spinnin’ Jenny, The Steel Band, Three and Mumble, but always came back to Hostage. They still perform today and can fire up any size rock show anywhere.

Other band members have included Rocky Wicher, Dale Lockheart, Virgil Hanson, Rick Novak, Bart Peterson, Tom Bruner, Bob Jones, Brian Bartz, Kraig Spratt, Andy Noah, Billy Peifer, Todd Dunker, Michael Maurice, Kenny Benge and Stephen DeForest.

Hostage toured the Midwest and Eastern Iowa starting in the early eighties. Its members recorded original songs at several studios in Cedar Rapids, and at Catamount Studio in Cedar Falls. In 1991, the band won a local battle of the bands contest, and in 1991 and ’92, was voted Cedar Rapids’ favorite rock band by Cedar Rapids Gazette readers. Hostage released a 4 song EP in 1992 “Face The World”, and released their full length original CD in 1994 “Black Sky Calling”. They influenced a generation of Eastern Iowa's best rock bands and musicians, have entertained thousands of rock fans, and continue to play around Eastern Iowa to this day.